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Your customers rely on you for expert tractor and tire service. To bolster tractor safety, add Rim Guard, the world’s leading beet juice tire ballast, for quick and easy tire fills.

This natural ballast, derived from a byproduct of sugar beet production, is the heaviest, safest, most non-corrosive ballast on the market.

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Because it’s non-corrosive, we don’t go through many rims, which is a savings for our customers. If a rim has been damaged from calcium and needs to be replaced, it can be expensive, and some rims are hard to find or unavailable. This means getting them custom made which is expensive and time consuming.

Tom Dickerson, Townline Equipment, New Hampshire

farm machinery technician

We load tires on big trucks that operate in environmentally sensitive areas.  If they had a leak, there is no concern about harming the environment because Rim Guard is a natural product that is made from sugar beets.

Justin Hess, Hess Farm Tire, New York

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When Rim Guard says their product is non-corrosive, they are correct! We have installed Rim Guard… and years later we have pulled the tire down to find the rim is still just as polished as it was when the Rim Guard was installed.

Andy Conner, Freedom Tire, New York

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Installation of Rim Guard is easy and a big improvement over calcium chloride because there is no mixing required, which saves time. When you are mixing calcium, your skin is exposed to the product, which is very hard on your skin, clothes and equipment…and if you have a cut on your hand, you will know it!

Scott Sylvester, Union Farm Equipment, Maine

farm machinery technician

We live in hilly terrain and filling tires with RG puts the weight lower than if you had iron weights bolted on the wheel.  It makes the tractor much more stable, which is very important when working on side hills.

Justin Hess, Hess Farm Tire, New York

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We have seen an increase in sales due to Rim Guard being a green product. Customers love the idea. In addition, we’ve found that beet juice is less than or equal in cost to chloride by the time you add labor to the mix. Rim Guard is also a great company to work with.

Frank Potestio, Potestio Bro’s, Colorado

farm machinery technician

Rim Guard is the heaviest non-corrosive tire fill option.  When people load their tires, they want the most weight possible. Windshield washer fluid is 30% lighter than Rim Guard. Comparing the same number of gallons of each, they are getting 30% more weight with Rim Guard.  

Justin Hess, Hess Farm Tire, New York

senior farmer standing in wheat field

Spills are not going to kill vegetation and Rim Guard is water-soluble, so it can be easily washed down with water and won’t hurt the environment.

Tom Dickerson, Townline Equipment, New Hampshire

mechanic fixing tractor plow

Before Rim Guard, I did very little service at the many local equipment dealers in my area. Once I got my foot in the door installing Rim Guard, my sales went up considerably, not only from ballasting tires on new tractors, but also from referrals for flat repair work. Rim Guard and tire service go hand in hand.

Andy Conner, Freedom Tire, New York

farm machinery technician

I enjoy working with the company. The employees are friendly, service oriented, and address any questions in a very timely manner.

Justin Hess, Hess Farm Tire, New York

A Win-Win for You. And Your Customers.

Non-Toxic Non-Corrosive Heavy (10.7lbs/gal) -35°F Freeze Point Characteristics
Rim Guard Non-toxic. Non-corrosive. Heavy and weighted at traction point. No tubes or mixing required. Natural product. Environment and livestock friendly.
Calcium Chloride Toxic. Highly corrosive. Weight varies upon person mixing it. Requires tubes. Not safe for the environment or livestock.
Methanol Toxic, corrosive and highly flammable. Can degrade tires. Weighs 35-40% less than Beet Juice Tire Ballast. Should be mixed with water.
Windowshield Washer Fluid Toxic to livestock. Not safe in groundwater. Corrosive. Weighs 25% less than Beet Juice Tire Ballast. Higher freeze point. Tubes needed for safety.
Water Non-toxic. Potential for corrosion and rust. Lighter. Freezes even in mild winter weather. Inconsistent quality and highly variable.
Exterior Weights Changes equipment configurations and center of gravity. Takes up space on axle and frame. Most expensive per pound.

Beet Juice Is Better

Traditional ballasts contain calcium chloride, glycerin, methanol or propylene glycol that may require special precautions, cause rust, be a danger to livestock or even be flammable. Wouldn’t it be better to use a ballast that’s effective, safer and easy-to-sell?


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Rim Guard can be added to every new tractor sale, new add-on equipment sale (like front end loaders), tire replacements or servicing.

Rim Guard can even replace older, more toxic ballast options. Rim Guard is quick and inexpensive to add to your service portfolio, with no mixing and no tubes. In many cases, Rim Guard can have you up and running within a week.

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Adding Rim Guard to your service portfolio is fast, easy and affordable. 

A simple call, followed by less than 10 minutes of paperwork and you're ready to sell.

An online interactive tire fill chart makes it easy to provide the right amount of Rim Guard every time. Your initial investment is paid off before the first 1,500 gallons are sold!


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