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Rim Guard is the most effective, non-corrosive tire ballast on the market. Unlike other harsh chemical ballasts, it’s water soluble and biodegradable, and doesn’t require tubes for installation. These educational videos will help you easily install Rim Guard Beet Juice Tire Ballast, as well as answer any questions you have about this unique and effective product.

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Understanding Tractor Tire Sizes

By Rim Guard | May 19, 2021

It is straight-forward to look for the number on the sidewall of your tire when searching for your tractor tire size. Understanding tractor tire sizes, however, requires breaking down the jargon on your sidewall. Tractor tire sizes are indicated using both standard and metric formats. The indications on your sidewall matter replacing your tires, and…

5 Fall Harvest Safety Tips

By Rim Guard | October 24, 2019

When it’s harvest season and you’re scrambling to get your work done, it can be easy to do the fast thing and not the safe thing. Here are five tips to stay safe this fall. Be sure to use personal protective gear like ear plugs, gloves, and safety glasses if needed. Always turn off your…

How to Improve Your Workspace

By Rim Guard | October 21, 2019

  As our world becomes more digital, we are spending more and more time in office spaces and in front of a computer screen. Here are some ways that you can improve your workspace and make it a better environment for getting things done. Adjust the Temperature Are your pesky coworkers trying to turn your…

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