The Original Beet Juice Ballast by Rim Guard safely and cost-effectively maximizes pulling power, improves lifting performance, and reduces the risk of tipping – all while protecting the wheel from corrosion unlike any other ballast.

Latest News: Check out the new video interview from Ask Tractor Mike that explores Why Beet Juice May Be the Best Ballast for Tires.



Avoid exposing your livestock or crops to toxic freeze-resistant ballast. Beet Juice is animal food grade safe and won’t freeze to -35°F. 

Bio tire ballast


Beet Juice Ballast enables workers to safely and powerfully haul, lift, and excavate, while reducing the risk of tipping.

Tire ballast for log stacker


Logging is heavy work, and Beet Juice Ballast provides the traction and stability for equipment operators to pull, lift, and stack with confidence.



Whether you’re operating a compact, sub-compact or residential tractor, Beet Juice Ballast can help your utility tractor work as hard as you do.

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