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As part of the World’s Greatest Series, Rim Guard explores the history of the company and the product’s impact on the farming industry. We also explain the effectiveness of beet juice as a ballast, as well as its non-toxic properties and sustainable benefits.

Sometimes in life, we all need help. And that's exactly what you'll get from our next company.

Farming – It's the heartbeat of American life. As a driving force behind technology, farmers are constantly coming up with innovative ways to save time, money and create a better way of life.

After traveling to Michigan, we found Rim Guard: the product that's changing the way farming is done.

Glenn Daily was the inventor of Rim Guard. That took place back in the late ‘90s. Glenn actually was sort of an agricultural scientist. And he always knew that small the tractors always required to have liquid put in the tires, but the problem was the liquid that everybody had used for years, calcium chloride solution, was really highly corrosive. It not only rusted the rims of the tractors, but if it ever leaked out, it would destroy crops and it was poisonous.

Rim Guard was really the solution. It really solved all the problems with calcium chloride. It was heavy. It was non-corrosive, it didn't freeze. And one of the really side benefits is its environmental friendliness. Calcium chloride really represented an environmental hazard to really have on the farm. But until Rim Guard came along, it was about the only opportunity you had except for very expensive iron weights.

Rim Guard is a selection that's been made by our customers. Many of them are looking for an economical way, particularly in our market area, to ballast the rear tires on their utility and specialty tractors. The alternatives just didn't have all the benefits of the Rim Guard product.

Since the invention of rubber agricultural tractor tires, farmers have been adding ballast to their tractors in order to maximize pulling power and to optimize balance and stability.

Rim Guard compared to iron weights is about 1/3 the cost. Also, because Rim Guard is installed as a liquid in the tire, all the weight is concentrated right where the tire contacts the ground. Compared to other forms of liquid ballast, it's completely non-corrosive and non-toxic. Rim Guard is going to be about 25 to 30% heavier than windshield washer solvent. And that's really what the farmer is buying. He's buying weight, not just liquid. Rim Guard, being a vegetable-based product, comes right from the farm and goes back to the farm with very little modification. Because of that, it's very environmentally friendly, and so it doesn't kill grass like calcium chloride or the other alternatives do. If animals happen to lick it up off pasture or on silage, they'll come back for more. And so we've really solved all the shortcomings of all the other alternatives that are currently available for liquid ballasts.

Rim Guard offers a solution to farmers all over the country and now all through Canada as well. It is an environmentally friendly solution and one that gives them everything that they want in terms of a liquid tire ballast: it gives them the weight, it gives them the freeze protection. But it's totally non corrosive. It's animal-food-grade safe and provides the perfect solution for them in terms of enhancing performance of their tractors.

Better for the farmer, better for the environment, better for you and me. Rim Guard is the world's greatest.

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